Whole30 Envoy

Nikki O’Keeffe

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

Nikki is a mom of two young children, a wife, a full-time working professional in the talent development space, a group fitness instructor, and a living life to the fullest enthusiast. Living in Austin, Texas you can find her soaking up as much of the Austin sunshine as possible from walking the neighborhood, swimming in the local pool, and playing in the backyard with her kids and dogs.

Growing up on as a picky eater on “white foods” and a limited diet of sugar and processed products it took nearly 20 years for her to embrace the richness of healthy eating.

Whole30 changed her life and many others who she has encouraged to give the program a try. She was impressed with how impactful the program is and how simple tweaks to diet and attitude towards food could make such a huge difference. Whole30 made her realize that she loves eating healthy food. She goes back to Whole30 rounds for grounding and reassurance. The program gives her a framework and support. She is a believer and is always searching to inspire others in their journeys and hopes and wishes that others can find happiness with their experiences through the Whole30 program.

Her why for wanting to be an ENVOY and part of the Whole30 larger community is her my passion around continually wanting to improve and grow, not only herself but those around her. Whole30 works can be transformational. She is privileged to be learning alongside all the enthusiastic team mates of the ENVOY team.