Whole30 Envoy

Abe Lopez

LOCATION: Laguna Beach, California

Abe is an entrepreneur and artist whose work has been recognized by global organizations and leaders such as President Bill Clinton, Whole30, Photographers Without Borders, and RangeFinder Magazine. Abe and his husband Isaac are managing partners of Lightward Inc, a multi-faceted company expanding from the intersection of technology, art, and empowered living.

Abe became a Certified Envoy because he wanted to help support the mission of Whole30 and its community at large. After participating in multiple Whole30 programs, he’s learned how to take care of his body through nutrition and has found confidence through his own food freedom journey.

Abe started his health journey five years ago after a couple of health scares. Since that initial awakening, he’s been documenting his transformational mission to lose 100 pounds, become his most healthy self, and find joy along the way (follow along on Instagram via #abeminus100). He loves inspiring others to live in alignment with their truth and empowering others to live their most expansive lives.

One of Abe’s biggest personal goals is to become a plus-size model to add more queer Latino representation to publications, advertisements, and commercials. In his spare time he likes to travel, hike, play guitar, sing karaoke, research the latest aviation trends, and dream of new adventures.