Whole30 Envoy

Andy McIntosh

LOCATION: Raleigh, North Carolina

Andy McIntosh (he/him) is a flight attendant and recipe developer who shares Jamaican and Caribbean dishes as well as travel tips across his social media channel, TriangleTravelingCaveman. He moved from Jamaica just before he turned 15 and has lived in many major US cities including NYC, Phoenix, Houston and Chicago. His grandfather was a butcher, while his grandmother and mother taught him everything he knows about cooking.

Andy has a passion and love for sharing recipes that are as traditional as you can get – but with Whole30 compatible ingredients. His goal is to show that doing a Whole30 doesn’t mean giving up Jamaican and Caribbean food. After learning of his celiac diagnosis, he did his first Whole30 at the suggestion of a coworker, and it helped him understand how food plays a role in managing his celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions. While completing his first Whole30 he realized there weren’t many Jamaican/Caribbean Whole30 recipes, so he took on the task of developing some himself!

Andy lives in Raleigh, NC with his partner Jeff and they enjoy road trips, camping, and hiking, as well as taking care of an ever-growing plant collection.

“Who says you can’t do a Whole30 and eat Jamaican food?! There are so many Jamaican recipes that are naturally compatible or can be with easy swaps. The Whole30 is for EVERYONE and I want to show how easy it can be to enjoy traditional dishes while completing the program.”