Whole30 Envoy

Deepshika (Dee) Ganjoo

LOCATION: Flower Mound, Texas

Deepshikha (Dee) Ganjoo and Priya (Pri) Anavarathan – collectively known online as MasalaPaleo – are recipe creators and food bloggers specializing in Indian food. They love creating Original Whole30 and Plant-Based Whole30 Indian-inspired recipes, spreading the joy of their heritage through culinary experiments. They are keen on bringing the dazzling flavors that Indian food has to offer to the Whole30 community, while keeping their dishes approachable and easy. Part of their mission is to inspire fellow South Asians to try Whole30 for themselves, so Dee and Pri focus on demonstrating how that can be done sustainably, with just a few tweaks to familiar, culturally-rooted recipes. Dee is from northern India, and Pri is from southern India, so their creative, compatible recipes span a broad spectrum of family, heritage, and spice profile pathways. As part of the inaugural group of Whole30 Certified Envoys, their goal is to share their unique perspectives and experiences with the entire Whole30 community.

“We strongly believe in the philosophy that food is medicine, because the right kind of food will not only nourish your body but also heal it. One of us is suffering from PCOS, while the other has Hashimoto disease. We both leaned into the Whole30 to heal our bodies and saw marked improvements in our conditions. During our Whole30 rounds, we noticed that there weren’t a lot of resources available for Indian-inspired compatible foods, so we created our MasalaPaleo account to fill that gap. We are excited to support people from all backgrounds with our creative recipes, tools, and tips – some of which come from our families, and many of which were developed from extensive experimentation!”