Whole30 Envoy

Erica Nkansah

LOCATION: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Erica Nkansah is a Registered Nurse, food blogger, and recipe developer based in Michigan. She first created This African Cooks as a way of managing her anxiety, and she is a firm believer that cooking is a great way to relieve stress—especially considering how it utilizes your five main senses! 


Cooking allows her to take a break from all the daily stressors. When it comes to creating recipes, Erica loves to think outside of the box to create diverse dishes. Getting lost in the preparation and creativity involved in recipe development has proven to be a great way for Erica to relax both her mind and body, and she’s in her comfort zone when whirling and whizzing around the kitchen! 


Whole30 has specifically reinvigorated her appreciation for healthy foods and all the positive, nourishing aspects they provide. After completion of her initial first round, Erica established a firm belief that many of the health issues we face can be alleviated simply by how we eat, especially through healthy tweaks to our lifestyle. She has invested in herself with many Whole30 rounds and resets since that first life-changing one. 


When Erica is not in the kitchen whipping up a tasty meal or dabbling in DIY projects, she is the mother to a sassy 6-year-old (Ava), and wife to her biggest supporter (her husband, Michael). Collectively they love to find ways to have fun together as a family. Erica loves bonding with Ava in the kitchen, then promptly watching Michael stuff his belly with what they created. She believes that teaching children to cook is a great way to help them foster creativity in the future, and as many old adages go, a husband with a full belly usually equals a happy marriage.


“Always remember that like life, food is an adventure, so you should never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, to try new foods and flavors. Constantly challenge your palate, and most importantly, find ways to share your experience with others!”