Whole30 Envoy

Kaitlyn Cook

LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia

Hi! I’m Kait!

My Whole30 journey started in 2019. I was about to graduate nursing school and realized that my relationship with food/my body was unhealthy, I didn’t know how to cook much less read a food label, and I was stuck in a toxic cycle. As a future healthcare provider I wondered (in the spirit of RuPaul Charles) how I was going to take care of somebody ELSE if I didn’t take care of myself – can I get an Amen up in here?!

Whole30 was with me during the pandemic working a rotating shift schedule in the ICU and is with me now as I continue to work part time and pursue my Master’s degree and licensure as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Whole30 helped provide a structure for me to regain confidence, awareness of what I was putting into my body as fuel, and a love of vegetables (especially honeynut squash – please try it if you’ve never had it)! Finding my Food Freedom has helped me remain committed to my health goals. Planning my weeks out ahead of time is key, as is finding Whole30 Approved and compatible foods and recipes that are convenient and delicious. My version of church is the grocery store, picking out all the different ingredients for the meals my partner and I plan to make during the busy week ahead.

I learn from the Whole30 community on a daily basis. I look forward to leaning into Whole30 as a primary prevention method for my patients as a FNP in 2023. I am passionate about helping others gain a sense of control of their diet and understanding the relationship between food and mental health as well as chronic medical conditions.

Find me at a local farmers market in Richmond, VA!

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