Whole30 Envoy

Kristin Sullinger

LOCATION: Naples, Florida

Kristin Sullinger is the chef and owner of Catered by Kristin, a personal chef service that caters to clients that only follow a gluten free or paleo lifestyle. In 2015, Kristin discovered she has a severe gluten allergy that had been lying dormant in her body for most of her life. She spent years dealing with horrible pain and lots of inflammation as a result of the allergy. After many years, she was finally diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune disease as well as osteoarthritis. In 2018, Kristin did her first round of Whole30, and it changed her entire life. For the first time in over 10 years, she finally felt her body begin to heal. Kristin has spent countless hours finding the best recipes to use with her clients and has been creating her own recipes to share with others.

Kristin is passionate about food, health, and nutrition, so she continues to educate herself on how food can heal the body and how eating can help people who have autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, food and skin allergies, as well as many other diseases. Kristin lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and is a mom to 3 daughters. When not in the kitchen cooking for clients, her family, or friends, you can find Kristin enjoying the beach and a great sunset.

“After completing my first round of Whole30, I knew this would become a permanent part of my life. To this day, I continue to support Whole30 and encourage clients and friends who are dealing with health issues to try a round of Whole30. I live by the fact of knowing that what you eat will impact your body, so it is important to learn what your body can and cannot handle. Eating well without sacrificing the flavor is important to me and I bring that into the kitchen each time I cook for one of my clients. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be a Whole30 Envoy.”