Whole30 Envoy

Mandy Dollar

LOCATION: Telford, Pennsylvania

Hi there! I’m Mandy (she/her) and I focus on re-establishing and developing healthy habits and celebrating non-scale victories (#NSV) to help myself and others lead a healthier and more whole life. My page @mywholetrip is a small space of the internet that aims to champion anyone and everyone who may be seeking to build and maintain a healthier and happier life for themselves.

After having a chronic and incredibly unhealthy relationship with food for the better part of my life, I found myself where a lot of people find themselves – amidst a sea of fad diets that equate health with weight loss, and which ultimately led to me being rushed to the ER for malnutrition and dehydration. I was clearly not on the right path, ya’ll.

And then, in 2015, I discovered Whole30 and decided on a whim to give it a try – despite my lack of cooking skills and basic knowledge of nutrition. I was a self-proclaimed disaster in the kitchen so the idea of cooking was a huge, daunting task but I felt compelled to give it a try anyway. Day by day, I eventually got the hang of it and then the most amazing thing happened – I started feeling better. Like, incredible actually.

I am so passionate about the Whole30 program because it allowed for me to make mindfulness a top priority in my food choices for the first time in my life. By reviewing my ingredients, eating whole, “real” foods, and removing some of the more potentially inflammatory ingredients from my diet for a brief time, I was able to evaluate how the absence of these foods dramatically impacted both my physical as well as mental health. Better sleep, sharper focus, more energy, lack of cravings, calmer demeaner, better skin – these are all things that are so vital to a Whole30 experience because they are precisely NOT about losing weight.

I’m not a professional chef or fitness instructor. I’m just a regular gal who works a full time job and who- like many- is relearning and retraining herself to have a better relationship with food.

As a Whole30 Certified Envoy, I’m here to be your cheerleader, your buddy, your accountability partner, and peer resource to help you find your food freedom. I’m here to be on this health journey alongside you should you need a friend. You’ve totally got this. Let’s go!