Whole30 Envoy

Michelle Daniels

LOCATION: Lehi, Utah

Michelle was a “mom on a mission” turned food blogger when her youngest daughter, Makenna, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease shortly after graduating from high school in 2013. Turning to food to help Makenna, Michelle was passionate about making the healing journey delicious. Together as “food buddies,” the two of them set out on a food journey they could never have anticipated. Their blog, Back Porch Paleo, was born in early 2015 to share recipes with others since they knew how paralyzing eliminating foods could be. Fast forward seven years, a blog with over 200 recipes and two cookbooks later, and they have grown a community of real food, warm fuzzy food enthusiasts just like them.

Being creative in the kitchen started very early for Michelle. As a young child, her mom allowed her to make as many messes as she wanted and would then be her sous chef and do all the dishes. Michelle is a lifetime foodie, from making elaborate Christmas cookie landscapes, making fortune cookies for friends, decorating wedding cakes for neighbors, or being willing to try tasting something new. Shifting her passion for food and combining it with helping Makenna feel better was a transition that came from a place of love for her daughter and a love of food.

Michelle is a wife, mother to four adult children, and a loving grandma to five grandkids. Bringing them together, where food is always the centerpiece, is her happy place. Food is her love language, and she enjoys gathering whoever’s available to chill and enjoy a meal! Neighbors and friends know they are always welcome to drop by, have a seat and eat. All are welcome!

When Michelle isn’t in the kitchen, she is always outside! Gardening, sunbathing, paddle boarding, hiking in her beloved Utah mountains or the stunning red rocks of southern Utah.

“When I found the Whole30 program in 2016, it was a continuation of learning what we’d started in 2014 when Makenna was so sick. We knew first hand that food was powerful. When you accept that, make changes, and then listen to your body, you will be amazed at what it’s telling you. Whole30 provides an exemplary template to make the “listening” easier!”